Shapel 1304 is dedicated to my sister Parish Shapel who received her wings on 3.25.2021. My sister was truly one of a kind and was a number one fan of Sheree Alexis. She wanted every piece I made and would send me a coin to keep my business going. She was the biggest supporter of Sheree Alexis and rocked my designs with such pride. When she wore Sheree Alexis you knew because she would brag on her little sisters work and let every know who made her outfit. This collection is dedicated to her and to the many women that I admire, each piece I create will be named in recognition of one of those women. This line is near and dear to my heart so please know I’m giving my all when customizing and creating these special pieces. The pieces in the collection are one of kind, eye catching and down right dope. My sister’s legacy lives on forever, and through these pieces I hope to encapsulate the beauty and strength of her and other women I admire.