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Know who's your who. -Jamie Blunt Founder and Visionary of Brown Girls Mentoring Program

Mrs. Jamie Blunt is the founder and visionary of Brown Girls Mentoring Program, an organization designed to create a safe place for young girls and women to become better versions of themselves.  The Columbus, Ohio native found her calling in helping set the authentic standard for young brown girls.  Her pivotal Life Lessons are continuing to help her on her own journey to self actualization and are a standpoint in the structure of Brown Girls Mentoring.  

Jamie's own life lessons started as a girl, growing up with the influence of her now-late grandmothers.  She learned what it was to be unapologetic about who you are; remembering to keep in prayer and developing a zero tolerance for things and people that do not serve you.

She is naturally driven to serve and is always eager to see people smile.  After participating in community events and organizations over the years, Jamie realized her urge to help others see the light in themselves.  Dedicating her life to the advancement and well-being of young, brown girls that were just like her, from her neighborhood or the same, became a no-brainer.  The ability to separate who she was from what people expected her to be also holds much weight in her success.  It is one of the key factors she teachers her Brown Girls, "I started to be okay with who God created me to be.  I want girls and women to know it's okay to be unique and be different... to know they were born to be different.  They don't have to fit in."  Fitting into molds and subscribing to what society thinks you should be, how you should look, feel, etc. have all become magnified in our fast paced, media-driven society.   ​ The Brown Girls Mentoring Program aims to be a catalyst for the changes needed in our community -  Leaving a a legacy to give girls the tools to continue to pay it forward.

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