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Your business doesn't work unless you do.

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

1. What is the name of your business? What’s your title? Silver Confetti Events

Owner/ Director of operations.

2. How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

I started in modeling and was tired of being held at events too long. I decided I could plan and execute an event in a way where people could come, have fun and go home. I also used to plan all the baby showers at a daycare where I worked and I loved it.

3. How did you get started with your business and what was your biggest challenge with starting your business? I got started by planning my friend sons Hungry Little Caterpillar birthday. It was awesome and she shared photos. The biggest challenge in the beginning was experience. People wanted to see what I could do but I didn't have a website or business page then money was the next challenge.

4. What attributes does someone need to be successful in this field? What is the biggest factor that most contributed to your success? Success in my field is determined by the results. Its VERY self motivated. You have to be self aware and be able to take criticism. The biggest contribution to my success is my support system. I believed, but the people around me believed too and that's a blessing. It's also the worst part because if the people around you don't believe, it's hard to keep pushing especially on the days you want to give up.

5. What are your responsibilities as the business owner? What is an average workday like for you? My responsibilities are everything lol. I am secretary, marketing director, social media director, designer, delivery driver, janitor and the labor that sets up and takes down.

My average work day is dropping my children off at school, following up on calls and emails, and making purchases for events or event setups. Also, if there are any scheduled tours I take care that as well.

6. How do you balance life when you have the demands of a business and a family? I write everything down. I set boundaries. My family time, my work time and my me time.

7. What was the hardest time in your startup journey? Why and what helped you? The hardest time was getting people to hire me without a bunch of hardcore experience they could see, so I did a lot of things for free. That was hard because it took from my own personal money I needed and I wasn't married when I started. I definitely learned the meaning of broke but I knew what I could do and what I wanted. What helped was my husband. He believed in my dream and his dream was similar so he invested in me, in us.

8. What should be my first steps if I wanted to go into your field and would I need a formal education? No formal education is necessary however training in certain areas and certifications are great. To get started I would see if an already established planner would hire you to help with events or shadow them. That is what I do now.

9. What are the biggest challenges  you face in this field? My biggest challenges are finding the right clients and keeping up with the trends.

10. What sort of budget would a person in this field be working with in startup? This depends on your clients. Mine range from $500 to $60,000.

11. What are some tips to stay on the cutting edge of your industry? Keep up with trends and network.

12. How important is it to set goals for your business? I can't stress how important setting goals are. I dedicate a bunch of time to my goals and action steps to making them happen. Everyday is a pep talk in this field.

13. What type of mindset do you have to have to reach your desired goals?

You have to have a determined and disciplined type of attitude. If you don't create, you don't get paid. Period!

14. How important is courage and personal development for one to evolve into the person they want to be become? Courage is a must. You don't have it. Stop today. Personal development is on going and a must to be able to succeed.

15. How important is it to love what you are doing? You have to love what you do so much you would do it for free. But don't Lol. Find a way to get paid for it and help others.

16. Do you have a mentor, and is it important to have one? I have several mentors and have paid coaches. You need a mentor especially one that will keep you accountable and check you.

17. If you had to start all over tomorrow what would you add or subtract?  

I wouldn't change a thing, I needed every single lesson I learned.

18. What three pieces of advice would you offer entrepreneurs starting out in your field of business, today?

1. Believe in yourself like never before, even on the days when people tell you you suck. You have to believe.

2. Take good care of yourself. Your business doesn't work unless you do.

3. Surround yourself with people doing better than you.

Name: Brandy Jackson


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