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  • Sheree Alexis

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

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Updated: Jan 3, 2019

I am Alexis a self taught fashion designer, I started out designing bow ties for my son in 2015. It eventually evolved to designing custom garments to fit clients specific measurements. I had no formal education/training in fashion design YouTube, practice, my mentor and sewing classes became my source. My background consist of graduating from Central State University with my Bachelor in Science in Biology and receiving my Master of Public Health with a focus in Health and Promotion from Wright State University. I thought I was headed in the health field, but my passion for fashion was much greater. After receiving my Master's I started working in a call center and found it to be unfulfilling. I was looking to do something more inspirational with my life, so I turned to styling which eventually manifested into sewing.

As a child I was always crafty and creative. Being creative has always been etched into my DNA. I always wanted to look different from the crowd and stand out. Even though I didn't exactly know what my purpose was, I knew at some point I wanted to pursue fashion. I had no idea where to start, how to start or who I should talk to and a million other questions ran through my mind. I knew what my passion was so it was indeed time for me to live out my dream. So I did and never looked back!

The purpose of this blog is to provide an educational platform for anyone in pursuit of realizing and executing their goals. So this includes people who are just starting out in their research phase or even established individuals that need reassurance that they can truly achieve their goals. This blog will serve as a reliable source of advice on how to pursue different fields or how to identify one's purpose.

My goal is to help subscribers to develop and design their vision along with encourage them to keep on pushing. By providing stories/blog post from others who has already been down the same path, the goal is to guide with lessons learned rather than through trail or error!

While trial and error may be completely unavoidable, this blog will provide the necessary guidance to minimize just that! In a nutshell, this blog will become an effective tool in the pursuit to your aspirations!

I hope this blog is beneficial, and helps you pursue your ultimate purpose. Be sure to subscribe to stay connected! Let's make 2019 MAGICAL! 

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